Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This Blog Has Moved

This blog has moved to it's new host at http://blog.alaa-ibrahim.com/

Sunday, November 12, 2006


I'm now in the process of moving my blog to my own domain, I had this idea for quite some time, and after the week my blog was offline, this idea grew, but yestarday at 4:00 am, I made the decision, I can't remember how I got the host and the domain, I just woke up today, with a hosting and a domain, I'm now transfering everything to my new host, (I'll publish when I'm done moving).
I also going to move my technical blog too, it's better to have everything under your control, not others.
I guess I need a lot of boxes, if you have any that might help :P.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

There I Go On The Road Again

I'm back again, after a week of my blog shut down, it's live again.
I'd like to thank the blogger team (zay elly 3an jad) for solving my problem, and of course Danah for encouraging me in the last 2 hours :P

Saturday, October 21, 2006


At last, I'm free again, I got rid of the chains in my leg, I have two legs once again, though I feel that one is smaller than the other, but who cares, I've got them once again, wooopieeeeeeeeeee
I guess I'm going to celebrate

Friday, October 20, 2006

Sho Hal Ayam

A magnificent concert held at Mohtaraf Al Remal in Al lwaibdeh, I enjoyed Lot's of the songs I missed for some of time.
Also a beautiful atmosphere, and meeting Lot's of people I haven't seen for quit some time, it was something like heaven for me :P
This group of musicians included:
Tarek Al Jundy (Bouzouq I don't know if it has another name in English)
Ihab Abu Hmad (Oud and Classic Guitar)
Ma'en Al Saied (Percussion)
Baha Othman (Classic and Electric Guitar)
Enass Al sa'ed (Vocals)
Ghaida'a Hamoudeh (Vocals)
They played so beautifully some of the songs that I really miss, it got my memories back in time, including:
Adaish Kan Fee Nas (Fairouz)
El Bent El Shalabiah (Traditional)
Eny Ikhtartok Ya Watany (Marcel Khalifah)
Parts of Ana Ahmad Al Arby (Marcel Khalifah)
Sho Hal Ayam (Ziad Al Rahabany)
Mais El Reem (Ziad Al Rahabany)
El Bahr Bydhak Laih (El Shaikh Emam)
Sharfte Ya Nicson Baba (El Shaikh Emam)
Cuba (Khaild El Haber)

and another magnificent songs.
The place was nice, the audience was good, and the band played cool, what else can a man ask for in this life.
Here is some of the pictures I took there.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Origin of Homo Sapiens

Are we Ape descendants? someone here disagrees, watch


it's all about options, or cucumber.
what is your option (cucumber)?

Make a stand

I guess it's time for us to make a stand, but for that you should see this video
very funny :P

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Why Cows Gone Mad

So funny Enjoy it