Sunday, June 25, 2006

Summer Of 2002

Love, Music, and Success, those were the titles I always remember that summer in, it was the glory summer of 2002, the best days of my life.
I really have some kind of depression every year in times like this, cause the only thing I see is the Summer of 2002, and when I look at my life right now, I feel a tear coming down on my chin.
In that summer, I tasted love for the first time of my life, I knew for the first time in my life that life is more beautiful than I could ever imagine. I knew for the first time that the smell of air in every morning is more beautiful when you are seeing her in that day. I knew for the first time that one person could make another meaning for your life, and the only meaning would be her.
Also, I can't forget music, Lot's of Jazz, and Bon Jovi (Comes with the lovers mood :D). Also spending nights playing music with my friend and roommate Baha, at that summer we discovered that the kitchen is the best place to sit, and enjoy our lives, I can't forget the nights we didn't count hours while we are playing music, specially that Marco polo song that we kept on playing it (and with it) over and over again.
Not forgetting My work with the UNFPA, and how that really affected my personality, and taught me a lot of stuff, and it was my highest scores at University that time (well it didn't mean much to me, but it was part of the party).
Also my great friends, can't forget anyone of them, all the group, it was a really nice group, but now everybody is in a corner of the earth, I can't believe that we might meet all once again :'(.
And the summer ended, and everything started to fall apart for me, and here I am with no love, no music, and almost no life.
If 1969 worth a song for Bryan Adams, 2002 worth all the Albums of a life for me.
Those were the best days of my life.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Trust No One

If you are a movie fan you would've heard this sentence a lot, well for me it was a little different, it was "TRUST NO ONES CODE", even though I believe in open source and stuff like this, but I had it in my mind for a long time, I wrote almost everything from scratch, I only use my code library.
well for quite sometime, I decided that I might be wrong, there exist people in this planet that are smart, and can do a lot of good job, and they can be trusted. I guess I had to learn the value of this rule the hard way.
everything worked fine, it was like magic, the library I used worked like magic, until the extensive testing time had came ...
and wow there was a little bug, so small, that rarely happen, but the system couldn't go while it's there, and it was in the library.
OK, let's fix the library, and who is the criminal that wrote that library, the whole library was built that this bug won't happen, it was spread all over the library, fixing the bug means changing the whole library, which is not all useful ...
and now I had to spend the night rebuilding parts of that system, I guess I learned my lesson, I would trust nobodies code anymore, I would only trust what my hands have done, but I learned it the hard way.


Saturday, June 03, 2006

Buy your self a new box

Inspired from a post written by my friend Samer ...
Thinking out of the box ..., I've heard it a lot in all of this training sessions I've been to, and how you should always think out of the box, and you should know that there is a lot of options out of the box ... etc., well in most of the cases thinking out of the box is a waste of time, as there is a lot of options, you can get lost through them easily, and end up trying to do something not related to the first problem, in most cases staying inside the box would solve your problems much faster and more efficient, you can get out another time if you want but the point is to solve the problem.
The main problem in thinking outside the box, is that you need someone inside the box to pull you back you need, as you start flying, and forget the whole box, or even worse, you get lost and don't know where the hell is that box.

What if the box is to small, so you can't think in it, but outside the box is so damn cold and wild, also you can't think there, what should you do? Well I guess you just need to buy a new box, big enough to think in it, and it's also safe and worm. I guess that is the solution, buy a brand new box. Also you can choose how it looks, how big it is, how is it from the inside ... etc. (of course you need money to do that).
well everybody enjoy your boxes.

Zend Certificate: PHP5 Exam Festival

A PHP5 Exam Festival is being prepared in Amman by the end of July - first of August. Event will be sponsored by Zend.

more Details here

Take some Myths, add some other and make a best selling book

Well, this was the thought I had when I was read the DaVinci Code By Dan Brown, a novel based on Myths, non of them are proved right, some ARE PROVED WRONG, and he makes facts out of them, good way to get money.
I just would like to mention some points from this book, which other people (who advised me to read it) thought that this book has told the untold truth.

The first point is regarding the Last Supper, when Leonardo Davinci painted it, he wanted to experiment a new style he had invented, the usual way to do such a painting was to make the plaster wet and then the painting is done on on the wet plaster which is called a Fresco (as Dan Brown claimed that this painting is), this style of painting is limited in it's colors and cannot be retouched, So Leonardo invented another style - Tempera (egg yolk and vinegar) plus oil painting ON dry plaster - so he could use more colors and redo portions if necessary. Unfortunately it was a disaster, the humidity was causing the paint to separate from the plaster on which it had been painted which made it fall of the plaster. Over the years, the piece has been vandalized and nearly fell apart completely.
A 20-year effort by art experts was made to recreate what they thought the painting must have looked like, so actually we don't know if the experts really fixed the painting or if they changed its meaning by making changes in color and detail. there is no way to tell.

The other point is regrading the Priory of Sion, well there was an organization called The ORDER of Zion in the middle ages, but Prieure du Sion actually started in 1956 as a joke, as four guys wanted to have some fun, and made a group and called it after a near by mountain, they've filled the proper papers, and the French government listed them as an organization in 1956. a member of this group André Bonhomme in 1996 said to the BBC
"The Priory of Sion doesn't exist anymore. We were never involved in any activities of a political nature. It was four friends who came together to have fun. We called ourselves the Priory of Sion because there was a mountain by the same name close-by. I haven't seen Pierre Plantard in over 20 years and I don't know what he's up to but he always had a great imagination. I don't know why people try to make such a big thing out of nothing."
However, Pierre Plantard was a con-man who went to jail for 6 months for his games. Back in 1942 he had formed the Order of Knighthood called the Alpha Galates, to take advantage of people. He decided to do the same thing with his new Sion group. While the group was really about low-cost housing and put out a little leaflet called "Circuit" to talk about it, Pierre decided to do bigger and better things with his newly formed group.
Pierre developed a whole storyline, claiming he was descended from kings and that there were secret documents in the Rennes-le-Château. Unfortunately for him, he ran completely afoul of the law in his forged documents and was brought to court. Here he admitted that they were forgeries. In fact, his genealogy that tied him to French kings was stolen word for word from a history article.

My last point I'd like to mention is Fibonacci and the golden ratio, well if you have took some math classes, and went back in history you would know that this ratio was known about since the Greeks.
If you don't remember math classes I would gladly point it out here.
PHI (Φ) the golden ratio has to do with spirals (like PI (π) and the circles), which is the solution to the equation X2 - X - 1 = 0, which can tell us that X2 = X+1, and as we can clearly see that x ≠ 0, we can easily note that 1/X = X-1. The Fibonacci sequence implies that each number is the sum of the two that came before it, if you divide a number by the one before it, you would start getting values closer and closer to PHI as you walk in the sequence which is something close to 1.618033, now with a little bit calculus, we can represent the Fibonacci sequence in the form of
f(n+2)= f(n+1)+f(n) => f(n+2)/f(n) = f(n) +1
if we imply that g(n) = f(n+1)/f(n) "The Golden Ratio" => g(n+1) = 1/g(n) + 1
now if we take the limit when n -> ∞ we'll have g(n+1) = g(n)
and the limit would be L = 1/L + 1 => L2 = L + 1 & 1/L = L -1 #

The point is that Fibonacci didn't discover this ratio, he just put a way to find it.
Also I've heard that "Fibonacci" Leonardo de Pisa of the family Bonacci named him self "Fibonacci" when he wrote his groundbreaking books in order to honor his father who had taken him as a young boy on his many travels; the name meaning "son of Bonacci". he was never intended to be called "Leonardo Fibonacci" as Dan Brown mentioned him.

A lot and a lot of other Myths, you can find combined in this novel, I guess I'm going to collect some Myths, and combine them with each other, maybe I code write a best selling book, who knows.

I just find this book a waste of time.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

First Of June (Something New)

Well, it was a rough day, also a lot of new things were done.
First thing launched their new Home Page, it's really nice, also the NoLimits thing where now you can take an unlimited storage for your email at maktoob, also by the end of the day also Maktoob-Women section (Beta Version) was launched too, it's really nice.
In the middle of the day I found that Ubuntu at last realesed their dapper version (I've been using it for about 2 months through all the alpha beta thing, also my CD's are on there way :P), well they've done a lot of good stuff in it.
In the end of the day I received an email from informing me that Zend Studio Version 5.2 has been released too, I really love this software, it really makes my life easier.
Well I guess there is something new about this June ...