Monday, January 30, 2006

Why the west won't believe us when we say we hate Bin-Laden

Well look here, it's really disgusting.
If this thing is spread all over the Internet, who the hell would believe that we hate Bin-Laden, or that we don't support Al-Zarqawy.
Man this Danish thing is getting on my nerves.
How can anybody be happy about killing people, except Bin-Laden and his guys.

Long Live Lurpak ...


manar said...

ala'a these r really different issues....thats why we have to understand what is the concept of (7oreye) and how does this thing works!... by the way i like ur blog too much :)

Ala'a Ibrahim said...

Well thanks for your compliment, I really appreciate it.
I don't think that it's the issue of freedom or not, it's more on the having a big mind, if somebody insults god for example, would you wish him dead? Would you be happy for him dying?
The point why cannot be more professional in our acts and talks? did any of what happened in Denmark affected the prophet? Or did anybody swearing at god changed god? Well I don't think so.
Also we have a lot of greater issues, for example we have poorness and idleness, we have a bad image to the whole world we want to make better, I guess we should concentrate on being better, and not to waste our hate on others.

manar said...

of course i dont want him dead im not with that at all and who said that osama bin laden or alzarqawi are representing islam anyway!! they are dump and america is using them WISELY!.. back to denemark they r really free in expresing thier opinion in our islam or prophet or god so we are free boycotting them..not killing them i agree with that 100% this is a bad image about islam! and yes we have to work on alot of issues in our arabic and islamic world no one can deny that... but if we can say "kelmet 7a2" or do anything to make anything i mean anything starting from anywhere above... this is an achievment :) the half full cup thing.....

Philip said...

Ala'a, your blog is very interesting; I enjoy it a lot! I am an American Christian. Most Americans and most Christians do not believe Bin laden and al-Zarqawi represent all Muslims. We believe that they represent extremist Muslims and that people like you and the Iraqis we desire to liberate are good, moral people.
Here in America, a so-called "Christian nation" (really, it is not!), Jesus is degraded all the time. But we believe that God is strong enough to handle it! We do not like it; we hate to see God prtrayed foolishly. But we know that it is God's right to avenge, not ours. You are very insightful in your blog. Good luck to you, and God bless you!