Saturday, June 03, 2006

Buy your self a new box

Inspired from a post written by my friend Samer ...
Thinking out of the box ..., I've heard it a lot in all of this training sessions I've been to, and how you should always think out of the box, and you should know that there is a lot of options out of the box ... etc., well in most of the cases thinking out of the box is a waste of time, as there is a lot of options, you can get lost through them easily, and end up trying to do something not related to the first problem, in most cases staying inside the box would solve your problems much faster and more efficient, you can get out another time if you want but the point is to solve the problem.
The main problem in thinking outside the box, is that you need someone inside the box to pull you back you need, as you start flying, and forget the whole box, or even worse, you get lost and don't know where the hell is that box.

What if the box is to small, so you can't think in it, but outside the box is so damn cold and wild, also you can't think there, what should you do? Well I guess you just need to buy a new box, big enough to think in it, and it's also safe and worm. I guess that is the solution, buy a brand new box. Also you can choose how it looks, how big it is, how is it from the inside ... etc. (of course you need money to do that).
well everybody enjoy your boxes.


Dozz said...

tb what if ur too picky to pick a box?
ba3dein u usually dont find ur box just lying waiting for u,u gotta make one,n if ur not a box maker, its a hell of a job to find a decent person to do ur perfect box..
and what if...'thats bad'...u have no clue how ur box looks like?!!
'sigh'...its way too complicated...its the worst thing ever to get lost between boxes...chaotic.

Ala'a Ibrahim said...

Well, as you do always when you want to buy something new, you could look up some catalogs, or you can even consult a some how to document, and vola you find your perfect box, and buy it.
maybe in the future you can find things like :d

Dozz said...

nah,its not that simple.
but,i had finals whn i wrote that,so...u know...

wedad said...

i adviced someone to be creative and think out the box!! you dont want to know what realy happened???
kaman shuai he wanted to kill me!

Ala'a Ibrahim said...

Dozz hope you've done well in your finals.
Weddad i guess it's good that he only had the will, some people if they think out of the box, they blow everything (literally)