Saturday, March 11, 2006


I've been reading about this masks that we wear all the time, in some blogs around, and I'm really feeling them annoying me.
For some period of time, I decided to remove all the masks I have (Most of them not all), and I tried living with it for a while, I really lived some period of my life, I was really undiplomatic (it was really fun to tell a guy you hate that you really hate him), I talked my heart, and I really felt free (as in freedom).
But graduating from the university, and going into the market destroyed everything, it's almost impossible to live in this world without masks. For example, you cannot tell your Boss that you hate him, or that he is so annoying (I thought about it a lot :P). You can't tell a customer that he is so stupid, or (a3la ma b5ailak erkabo). And as your social life gets smaller and smaller, you have to try to keep what's left from your friends. So you have to wear a different mask with every group of people.
And man, this artificial life that we are living, I really have a trouble getting into it. But in a lot of this you have to, or you would be the stupid geek living upstairs.
Well how many masks I wear, one for work, one for some other group of people at work, one for walking in the streets, one for a particular people I know, other for some group of friends, another for another group .... etc.
I have this question, am I going to live in masks for the rest of my life? Whom am I living for? Can't I just live my life the way I wanted it? ...
Ich kenne nicht.

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Abu 7amarneh said...

Welcome to the jungle buddy… you shouldn’t take your masks off here; you just need to work harder on getting them to look more real…
Dude cheer up mishan allah,,, anyway,,, this temporary and ull get used to it soon, ull even love it,,, believe it or not,,,

Arrivederci ya CD

manar said...

why u have to call them masks!!? ya la'a nice way of dealing and thats it! u sound scary! fa ana 5ayfe! hehe take it easy!

Ala'a Ibrahim said...

Abu 7amarneh: Actually, I don't know where did you take the idea of being Mad or something, and I guess I got used to them, I just miss the old me.
Manooor: Well cause they are really Masks, you hide the real you behind them, that's why I called them masks (as everybody does), don't worry, you don't need to be afraid, it's just that I guess I'm turning something like crazy, which is so natural for me :p
Thanks for the comments

Philip said...

It's a necessary evil. And sometimes, truly, they are not so bad. The masks are often there to protect us from our own darkest tendencies. The pressure that puts those masks on us also helps us stay in line.
You are right when you say the people that try to totally go with their instincts are fooling themselves. That may be one thing that sets us apart from the animals.

sasha said...

i came up with the conclusion that ur not wrong tryin 2live ur life with the real u,its just that the ppl around us r wrong..just try 2put some of the real u in ur masks that way u wont totally feel wierd..n lets just hope 4a better world,where masks r not needed any more..

Khalidah said...

Hi Ala'a

Thank you for linking to my post

This is the new link for the post as I have moved my blog

please amend it :)

Ala'a Ibrahim said...

Hi Khalidah,
you are welcome, I fixed the link, thanks for pointing it out :)