Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Where have I been in the last 6 months (maybe more)

I was watching a movie the other day Paycheck, (I didn't finish it yet, as My DVD Drive cannot handle using for more than 20 minutes, I'm going to buy a new one soon), In that movie, one of them got his memory erased for 2 months, and when he was asked that are you OK with that, he replied about what does he want to remember from the last 2 months, there was nothing worth remembering.
I started thinking, what do I want to remember from my last period of time, or exactly, what am I going to remember. I was at the office working, What else did I do? I guess nothing important.
When I go back in memory to remember things, I just get back to 2002, that was my golden age. Now from the moment I graduated (February 2004) tell now, what did I do other than finding a job, working, and resign.
Man, I really feel pity for my life, I'm kind of transforming into a machine, yes I have accomplished a lot in these 2 years, but is this what I want. Is my life based on work achievements?
Is work achievements things worth remembering, (in a place other than the interview room).
I just hope that something personal pops up in my life, in some way, as I cannot make it happen.

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manar said...

ok i ddint read the post yet! but u r tagged :)

wedad said...

good post, I asked myself same question and i came out with (I dont want to remember anything) from year 1 till now 26 :) thanks GOD that i love my work at least there is something good :)
I dont need anyone to delete the memory coz Iam using to delete eveything day by day !

manar said...

"i just hope that something personal pops up in my life, in some way, as I cannot make it happen."
at least u r working!!
cheer up :) ull b ok...i hope