Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sorry Pink Floyed

After looking at the referring sites that users come to my blog from, I found that Google was on top, and guess what, it's the search for "so you think you can tell heaven from hell", if you googled it, and pressed I'm Feeling Lucky you would go to So You Think You Can Tell Heaven From Hell , and if you pressed search you would find my blog at the top.
I'm sorry I stole that name :)

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manar said...

hehe nice! so you are famous now!good u were busy i didnt miss so much stuff :)

ali junaidi said...

hello ala'a , remember me man ?? its ali junaidi , remmeber the uni days ?? was beatifull days
i was looking for somthing for pink floyed and by chance i saw ur name what a chance ,

Ala'a Ibrahim said...

of course I remember you buddy, how is your life going on right now ....
Well, I guess I should hold the official site of pink floyed :P