Saturday, April 01, 2006

Programming Languages, are they spoken

Well, since a long time ago, I started programming, I used to think in plain English, then start translating it to the programming language wanted.
Nowadays, I guess, I think using that language, sometimes, I speak it. a week ago a colleague asked for my help about an issue, I just grab the keyboard, and started writing, (it was a little complicated thing), when I finished, I looked at it, and told him there is an error here, this won't run, (I just didn't knew where did that inspiration came from), then we both started looking in the code about what is wrong, and vola; a semicolon was missing (I just can't explain what happened).
Usually, if you enter my office, you would find me discussing an issue with my office mate, you would find us talking code, (usually PHP), we speak that language.
well after that most of my life is with my computer writing code, i guess, maybe in one day I would forget English (and Arabic) and just talking PHP.
A friend of mine suggests that I shouldn't see a computer for a couple of days, and start spending less time with computers, (I just can't help it).

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manar said...

hmm u cant speak them ala'a :s plz.... i hardly gets u with spoken english...:D and get some rest from computers...

Ala'a Ibrahim said...

Well Manar, watch me speaking them :D.
And is My English bad, well I strongly disagree, I know my english is good.
And you know, computers are like air for me, can you till some one to get a rest from breathing, well I'm that addicted to computers

manar said...

no ur english is perfect! i strongly disagree too.. i meant ur brain ur ideas ur things ya3ni :)w allah yhani sa3eed b sa3eede...:) aslan kteer mbayen 3laik bt7eb ilcomputers o that u r doing well there.... god bless u

Abed. Hamdan said...

LOL !! Yeah, I think i can understand. Im facing the same problem :s